Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Polly Morgan: Endless Plains

Copyright Ed Sykes 2012

Having photographed Polly Morgan for The Independent Magazine at her studio in Hackney Wick I thought it only right and proper to see her current show. Endless Plains is at All Visual Arts, 2 Omega Place, Kings Cross until 31st July. Inspired by a trip to the Serengeti Polly produces a collection of work that is powerful, raw, poetic and reflective of nature's cruel cycle.

There is a twist where dark thoughts extend this metaphor to bats inhabiting a stag's carcass and plump piglets feeding off the sap of a tree trunk. The point is that we know almost everything there is to know scientifically about nature and animal's life cycle but the inner mind of an animal is a mystery.

Copyright Ed Sykes 2012

Although the showstoppers are the stag and the feeding piglets the portraits of birds drawn with their ashes are poignant and simply quite beautiful.

Go see if you can.